Name: Micah Caida

Micah Caida is the melding of two voices, two personalities and two minds, which often turns up the strangest ideas.  Micah enjoys exploring how different characters react and deal with similar situations.  Life is often filled with the unexpected – both good and bad.  While creating the Red Moon series, Micah hit upon a very unusual “what if” that exploded into an epic story filled with teenagers who face impossible odds, but are the only ones who can save the world from itself.  


Things Currently Piquing Micah’s Interest...

Leopard Geckos are righteous little critters with arrogant personalities.  They don’t hang well with other geckos, preferring human buds.  Need a name for this guy.

I want to be on the slopes today.  That’s like the perfect winter day off.  Sleep in, ski all afternoon and party at night. 

Love these Christian Louboutin ankle boots…note to self: put on birthday dream list.


Q. What are your favorite books?

Adventures with strong female characters and powerful male characters who both are flawed and resourceful.

Q. How do you like to spend your free time?

What is free time? LOL - reading, riding my motorcycle, playing Angry Birds, sleep, text my friends

Q. Where do you live?

In Seattle and Atlanta 

Q. How many books are in the Red Moon series?

Three - Time Trap is out now, Time Return comes out Feb 2014 and Time Lock will be out Summer 2014

Q. What inspired this story?

The idea of a young girl and two friends faced with saving not just the current day world, but the future.  And to create a story that was unlike anything else on shelves today, a journey fraught with challenges that demands all that a teen possesses just to survive in a place where love is a dangerous risk.  

Do you have a question for Micah?

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